Welcome to Holiday Letters! Home of the personalized Santa Letter.

With all of the preperation that is being put into Christmas, Santa is taking the next few days to make sure he has all the gifts in order for his big adventure on Christmas day. Once he is done with that he will be taking a long and well deserved vacation.

He then will be back the following year for another round!

Hope to see you next year!


  • Jeena McDonald

    “My 4yr old daughter was besides herself with her letter from Santa and told everyone! She couldn't believe Santa knew so much about her. She showed everyone! BEST YEAR YET!”
    ~ Jeena McDonald, Las Angeles CA

  • Mark Swanson

    "My daughter was elated with her letter from Santa. It was easy, quick and had a powerful impact!”
    ~ Mark Swanson, Milwaukee WI

  • Ann L’Huillier

    "The package from Santa was great! My son is 8 and he still believes! He was very excited that Santa knew so much about him! Thank you."
    ~ Ann L’Huillier, Detroit MI

  • Crivella Family

    “My 1 year old has no idea who Santa is yet, just that there is a lot of presents to open. As parents though, we are super happy to be able to put this letter Direct from Santa in Elijah’s baby book.”
    ~ Crivella Family, Austin TX